A portrait session is the perfect way to document the important moments and milestones in life.  Portraits also allow you to create family treasures that can be passed down for generations.  In this digital world, we are losing generations of photographs when hard drives crash and memory cards are lost.  Although we embrace digital images, we also believe there is great value in prints and wall portraits - Let’s make sure we capture those magical moments!  We offer ‘in studio’ sessions starting at $50.  An in studio session can include newborn babies up to 1 year, maternity, headshots and boudoir sessions. 
We also offer ‘on location’ sessions starting at $75.  On location sessions can include families, pets, kids, etc.  We will meet you at your favorite location (your home, local park, farm, college, etc.).  Contact us at 770.356.6113 or deron@dmgimages.com to schedule your session.